king yaa

king yaa

My name is king yaa and my pronouns are she/her/them/king.

I am a body positive and gender-affirming bodywork practitioner as well as an integrative health coach, specializing in LGBTQ+ individuals’ health and wellness.

I am an intentional, trauma-informed bodywork practitioner that appreciates how social and physical realities, including living with intersectional identities, impacts bodily well-being.

I offer nurturing, supportive and restorative massages for individuals who practice chest binding, have had FTM top surgery and for those living with embodied experience of pain and anxiety.

The bodywork modalities that I have at my disposal include deep tissue, myofascial release, cupping, scar tissue massage, somatic movement, breathwork and energy release. I work to create and hold a comfortable and welcoming space for trans, queer, genderqueer, gender non-conforming and gender questioning clients.

As a health coach, I help individuals to make meaningful changes with their health and well-being; whether it is to reduce stress, move through transitioning, overcome obstacles or recover from a set-back. I coach with an understanding that health is not a number, a prescription or a diet. Health encompasses more than one’s relationship with their body but is linked to mental, emotional and environmental circumstances and experiences.

I believe that health is feeling good and alive in your body and that this is your birthright.

My approach to supporting is based in relationship building, mindfulness and radical acceptance, in addition to utilizing your own strengths and inner wisdom.

I also work with family members of LGBTQ+ individuals to help them to reduce pain and anxiety.

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