Maristha Schellink

Maristha Schellink

For me Bodywork has become a vehicle for facilitating the healing process. In a techno age where people have become more isolated, a therapeutic touch with the right intention heals on many levels. I have the expertise and ability to take a relaxing massage to therapeutic levels as required.

‘You`re the first person who brought relief to the pain in my shoulder and over the years I have been to everyone in Cape Town and tried everything!’ This feedback is what makes my work so rewarding. I`m blessed to do what I love and am so good at. I`m skilled and experienced in releasing tight tense muscles of the shoulders and back. I have helped people get relief from chronic tension headaches and migraines.

I`m qualified and skilled in various massage modalities such as Clinical massage, Sports, Deep tissue, Acupressure, Pregnancy, Swedish and Lomi Lomi. Two years ago an athlete who took part in the Comrades for many years but couldn`t finish because of cramping came to me for Sports and Clinical massage. After a couple of sessions, he felt confident to run the race. On the Sunday after the race, he sent me this message: ‘Thanks to you, I finished the Comrades with no cramping.’

Last year a lady came to see me presenting with fertility issues, specifically blocked fallopian tubes. She felt tremendously stressed as the inability to conceive strained her relationship. I did a couple of Acupressure and Deep tissue massage together with Energy Healing and the blockages were cleared, much to her relief and gratitude.

If you feel stressed and tense, a gentle Swedish and Lomi Lomi massage with Energy healing will dissipate the heavy energies while lifting a weight of your shoulders. As a yoga teacher recommended: ‘Maristha has a lovely touch and a sensitivity to people and their needs. A special person with many artistic and healing talents.’

These are some of the reasons you should come see me. My clients` care and well-being are my priorities. No matter where you are in your journey of healing, I`ll be honoured to assist you with all my skill, care and love.

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