Nikki Jane Kyle

Nikki Jane Kyle

Nikki Jane has 15 years extensive experience in the field of medical technology. Prior to her establishing Legacy&Life Laser, Skin and Body Clinic 2 years ago she provided over 20 Aesthetic practitioners with their medical devices and equipment.

She has a natural intuitive gift of healing and also incorporates this with her knowledge and understanding of using light therapy.

The combination of various forms of healing light therapies have proven themselves.

Nikki Jane has over 40 testimonies on all her treatments she offers.

I have treated many people for stress related skin issues as well.

Even though people come to me for the exterior I am working their beauty and healing from the inside out.

If you are looking for an aesthetician who has a magical touch , who will make you feel completely comfortable and who will assist you on your journey of beauty, healing, transformation and self love then you should meet with her.

I am an aesthetician who offers various types of laser, skin and slimming treatments at Lightwise.

Types of Therapies