Intuitive Therapeutic Massage

Intuitive Therapeutic Massage

What is Intuitive Therapeutic Massage?

Intuitive Therapeutic Massage is a gentle massage combining acupressure and essential oils. It is a unique experience allows you to find a way to connect body, mind and spirit.

By incorporating different techniques of gentle massage using intuition, it lets the healing flow through the head and down the spine.


If you are stressed, overworked, emotionally overloaded, in need of relaxation, have pain or fatigue, experience total relaxation with an Intuitive Therapeutic Massage.

How does it work?

Often we suffer trauma and also often due to the lack of touch, we end up in a Victim’s space and with feelings of “I am stuck”. The most natural form of therapy is through “this” touch. By bringing together the laws of nature and God, we can go beyond our self-imposed limitations. We can move to be free of restrictions and repressions and participate more fully in life. Touch can therefore be seen to be essential for the development of emotional security, confidence, safety, acceptance and freedom from distress – all of these qualities are vital for balanced growth.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy, so that when we touch someone, there is a natural transference of energy. If a person is depleted of energy, or if it is hampered in some way (thus creating physical problems) then the therapist can “give” energy to enable a re-balancing to occur. In this way, we act as an “agent” to enable healing to take place through the increase of vitality in the one receiving. Touching in this form brings ease and comfort and releases tension. In doing so, it loosens the constricted nerves and muscles that are hampering the flow of energy and thus frees the energy to bring about a state of harmony. As illnesses frequently have a psychosomatic cause, this reassurance through touch is sometimes all that is needed to bring about a state of wellbeing.

Touch is an essential ingredient of our environment. Just as the earth caresses the seed, so we need to be caressed and held. The power of touch can be seen in the effect its absence has, for without it we become alienated and confused. With it we blossom and grow healthy!

Meet the Therapist

Wanda Potgieter

Wanda Potgieter

Wanda Potgieter offers you a therapy of care that will leave you to wonder about the Power of Touch.