Transformative Body & Gender Affirming Bodywork

Transformative Body & Gender Affirming Bodywork

The body remembers.

The body holds onto memories of accidents, trauma, abuse, neglect, hurt, pain and anxiety.

Without a safe place and intentionality, we embrace these experiences and carry them with us as we soldier on to deal with our daily activities. Our bodies are also somewhat resilient, it wants to see us win, so it quickly learns to compensate for areas that are fatigued, strained, locked, confused or outright screaming with pain. It takes self-awareness and courage to bring your body to seek ease and wellness.

I centre queer, trans, gender non-conforming, non-binary, genderqueer and gender questioning beings.

My primary focus of care:
  • Folx who are in any and all stages of transitioning and who carry the stress of being misgendered and transphobia, that can linger in the body for years afterwards if unaddressed.
  • Folx managing the effects of binding and/or top surgery.
  • Folx living in a body that is experiencing chronic pain, anxiety, depression and trauma..

I offer intentional, trauma-informed bodywork because I appreciate the big picture of how you ended up in my therapy room. I hold space for my clients to come with their full selves for their healing.

The bodywork modalities that I have at my disposal include: deep tissue, myofascial release (jointly with emotional energy release), cupping, scar tissue release, somatic movement and breathwork.

I feel honoured to showing up, being present and truly listening for folx in the ways that they are comfortable receiving therapeutic touch. You are safe on my table.

Sliding scale available for QTGNCPOC.

Meet the Therapist

king yaa

king yaa

I am a body positive and gender-affirming bodywork practitioner as well as an integrative health coach, specializing in LGBTQ+ individuals’ health and wellness.