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The symptoms below and states of being are often indications that we have reached a still point in our journey of spiritual growth and that our soul is in desperate need of a breakthrough. Such a breakthrough is often only achieved through the help of a skilled practitioner, as the need to feel safe when releasing old limiting behavioural patterns and states of mind is the one requirement that is essential for any kind of metaphysical breakthrough.

We offer online, virtual coaching / counseling services.

We also provide remote SCIO balancing treatments. Contact our therapists directly or email your queries to info@lightwise.co.za.

Types of Therapies

Benefits of regular sessions include:

  • Increased vitality and lust for life
  • More energy
  • Increased ability to be solution-orientated and optimistic
  • Deeper and lasting sense of wellness
  • Broadened perspective and understanding of purpose
  • Increased ability to overcome setbacks
  • Improvement of overall health
  • Deeper understanding of the meaning of life