Dr. Despina Learmonth

Dr. Despina Learmonth

BSocSc Psychology (UCT)
BSocSc (Hons) Psychology (UCT)
MSc in Health Psychology (London Metropolitan University)
DPsych in Health Psychology (City University)
NLP Practitioner’s Diploma (Mckenna-Breen, London)

I work predominantly with clients who struggle with disordered eating, substance abuse, stress, anxiety, phobias, and sexual and relationship issues. I offer a person-centred approach sprinkled with a little Gestalt, CBT, DBT, MET and ACT.

I am also proficient in deep state relaxation techniques (akin to hypnotherapy) and can work with clients solely in this modality if they so choose. Deep state relaxation techniques are particularly successful for managing phobias and disrupting unhealthy or destructive behaviours.

As every client is unique, and therefore has different needs, my therapeutic goal is to facilitate clients’ exploration of their own “narratives”, bodies and emotions in a way that makes sense to them; whilst simultaneously identifying or developing skills or “tools” to master their individual personal challenges.

I endeavour to create a safe non-judgemental space in which you, as the client, can determine your own path towards greater healing and well-being.

Contact Despina at despina@drlearmonth.com