Dr. Yvette de Villiers

Dr. Yvette de Villiers

Yvette de Villiers (PhD Metaphysical Philosophy) was born with the gift of healing hands and has spent most of her life developing the ability to read and balance the energy systems that govern life-force energy in humans and animals.

Her main interest is the development of new ways to bring about individual and group transformation and she has done extensive research in this new and exciting field. She believes that a balanced and enlightened reality is the destiny of all the inhabitants of Earth, and has dedicated her life to this cause.

Yvette has written a book called “The Divine Connection” in order to help others understand how they, too, can break through the illusions that bind them and make a flow of Divine love, light, wisdom and healing a daily reality. She is always in the process of developing metaphysical tools and workshops, as well as writing more material to support and inform people as much as possible in their search for Spiritual Awakening.

Yvette is also a practicing member of COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa). For more information on the Metaphysical Coaching and Mind Body Balancing sessions that Yvette offers, please see the Therapies page.

For more information, or if you wish to make an appointment, contact Yvette on 082 868 5674.

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082 868 5674

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