Psychological Services

Psychological Services

In the world we live in today, especially after experiencing the effects of lock-downs and Covid-19, many children, students, their parents and teachers find it difficult to cope.

As an Educational Psychologist, I strive to help those who experience learning and emotional difficulties to navigate their way through these challenging times.

Highly sensitive children, youth and adults find these times especially difficult, hence I have a special interest in helping them. They are the children and adults who become emotional easily, cry often, are shy or introverted, anxious and fearful and care deeply about others. They are often sensitive to loud noises, smells and lights.

My approach is holistic and strength-based, mainly utilising the principles of Positive Psychology and Solution-focussed therapy. In addition, My exposure to energy healing (Reiki) and meta-physical interests gives me a unique perspective in understanding the  highly sensitive child and adult.

Services include:

  • Individual therapy to children, adolescents, students and adults who experience learning and or emotional difficulties (including adjustments to disrupted schooling; grief or trauma following the loss or illness of a loved one) or are highly sensitive
  • Individual consultations or workshops with parents and teachers to support the highly sensitive child at home and at school respectively
  • Empowering teachers to support children with learning, emotional and behavioural difficulties in the classroom
  • Psycho-educational assessments

Contact Information for Psychological Services

Charmaine Davids

Educational Psychologist

M Ed Psych (Stell)

Certificate in Positive Psychology (Wholebeing Institute, Massachusetts, USA)

HPCSA Reg No: PS 0096237

Practice No: 0233528

081 759 0662

Meet the Therapist

Charmaine Davids

Charmaine Davids

Charmaine is a registered Educational Psychologist, Positive Psychology Practitioner, Reiki therapist and student of metaphysics.