Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom

ACCEPTANCE: It is a Metaphysical principle that change can only be initiated once acceptance is achieved. Accepting that all is as it should be right now forms a solid foundation for future improvement and Spiritual Growth. Try to see the positive in your situation and then ask for divine guidance to find the best way to enhance and improve it. It does not mean you should be complacent!

ACT IN INTEGRITY: Acting in integrity pertains to your conduct towards others as well as towards yourself. Always ask yourself: Will what I am about to do harm or heal? Am I thinking constructive or destructive thoughts around this issue? And in acting: How much can I really afford to give before I start to feel short-changed and become resentful? Be very honest with yourself.

ALLOW DIVINE TIMING: Also called “In the Fullness of Time”. This card reminds you that there is a perfect time for the event you have in mind to happen. Stop pushing, pulling back or blocking. There is an opportunity here to practise your skills of intuitively getting in touch with the world around you. Ask for signs and try to sense when energy is “open” and when it is “blocked”. It will take self-discipline in the beginning, but as you see the proof of how much better things work out when you allow them to happen “in the fullness of time”, the easier it becomes to follow the signs and heed the warnings!

ALLOW ENCHANTMENT: When this card comes up, you have probably allowed your thoughts and feelings to become resentful and clouded with negativity around the issue you are seeking wisdom about, or the person/people involved. You need to look on the bright side! Think of positive attributes/aspects of the person or about the issue that attracted you initially, and focus on them. Write them down in a prominent place and read them often until you feel a balanced outlook returning.

ALLOW FLOW: Everything in the universe is meant to happen in a divine way, at exactly the right place and time. Because we are divine beings, we have the ability to develop a sense of flow – allowing the right thing to happen at the right time – not pushing things or blocking them. Try to work with Universal Flow instead of against it.

ALLOW GUIDANCE: Divine guidance is available to all of us, all the time – we just need to learn to listen! Sometimes something just “feels right”, and other times it just does not. When we are open to being guided, wisdom and clarity will come to us in a way that each of us can clearly understand if we want to. The most important thing is to be OPEN to both where and whom the guidance may come from, as well as to what it may be. Remember that positive information can come from a negative source, and vice versa, so use your own judgment and intuition to assess what is right for you and whether to act on it or not! Each of us has our own personal team of guides and angels who care about us greatly, and with time and intent a relationship can be developed through prayer (See books – “Prayers of Love & Light” and “The Divine Connection”).

ANALYZE ALL ASPECTS: This card indicates that you might not be seeing the wood for the trees in a particular situation, or that you are only seeing what you want to see. You need to gather as much information as you can from more than one source and carefully analyze what you are presented with before deciding what to do or how to act!

ASK FOR HELP: Asking for help from Divine guidance is something we can so easily forget to do! When faced with difficult or unfamiliar circumstances, our first instinct is often to make our own plan because we think we have to. To make a habit of asking for help is one of the biggest gifts one can give oneself. Help will always come in one form or another, one need only to develop the sensitivity to recognise it, as well as the self-discipline to act on it!

BE APPROACHABLE: Often when people seem “closed” or “not communicative” to us, we do not realise how unapproachable we may seem to them! Body language and intention play a huge role in wanting to come across more open and approachable to those around us. Look the person you are speaking to in the eye and be mindful of really listening to what they are saying, without interruption. When you know that, you are broaching a subject that is difficult for them to talk about, initiate for instance “You know, I find it very difficult to tell people when they’ve hurt me, but I realise that if I don’t, they’ll never know!” (Then listen!) If we keep the intention of approachability in our minds, we automatically seem more open to others.

BE GRACEFUL: Are you an Emissary of Divine Grace? Every human being has the inherent ability to act gracefully, even under unusual pressure. Make it an aspiration to extend Divine Grace to people who you can see need love and support, and accept the challenges you are faced with as part of the path to spiritual growth that you have chosen to walk. As you extend divine grace and act gracefully, so divine grace will be bestowed upon you beyond measure!

BE KIND: When we are under pressure and taking strain in our personal lives, it is very easy to project our unbalanced emotions onto those who least deserve it: the girl at the check-out counter or waitress, the pharmacy assistant, fellow motorists etc. Be extra conscious of taking responsibility for your emotions rather than project them on innocent bystanders. Make an effort of being kind to those in your everyday life who are so often taken for granted.

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: When people ignore us or put us down, the reason often has more to do with what they are going through than with us! Try not to take things so personally. You are a unique human being, with many special gifts and talents. Your individual contribution to the whole cannot be duplicated and it is useful to more people that you will ever be aware of!

BE PATIENT: Not everything can always happen when we want it to, and there is often a very good reason for this! Often other aspects of the situation still need to fall into place, and it is in our own best interest not to push, lest the outcome fall grossly short of our expectations! Once you have done all you can, hand the issue over to the universe and concentrate on other things for a while. Your waiting will be over before you know it!

BEWARE OF ESCAPISM: Sometimes we just want to fly away! And in our minds, we often do. Unfortunately very little gets resolved when we keep avoiding the issue, and usually things only get worse when we are “spaced out”, because in that state we tend to miss vital clues and information that could significantly resolve our dilemma! Pray for the strength and help, you need to stay grounded and face your problems head-on.

BOUNDARIES: For many of us saying “no” is the hardest thing! This is often because growing up our sacred space was repeatedly trashed by parents or siblings, who did not know to respect our natural boundaries, because they did not have any of their own. As adults, we then have to re-learn how much space we need, and what we can realistically allow and do for others before becoming resentful. We also need to learn how to read other people’s signals for how much space they need, and what they can and cannot allow and give us. In the situation you are currently in, is it you who needs to set clearer boundaries or is it the other people who need you to observe and respect their boundaries more? Be honest with yourself.

CALM & BALANCE: Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, and breathe out. You need to calm down! Getting all worked up and into a state is not going to help the situation one bit. Close your eyes and look within, concentrate on your breathing and try to feel the centre of your being (solar plexus – just below your rib cage). Breathe soothing and healing energy into this space. Ask for guidance and proceed with caution, eyes & ears open and feet on the ground!

CLOSURE: The drawing of this card could be met with great relief or great sadness, as it indicates that things are drawing to a close. Something is definitely ending and the completion of a cycle, issue or relationship is indicated. Sometimes this card could also indicate that the lack of closure is what is hindering one from moving forward into a new phase. With the obtaining of closure comes a sense of completion, and making closure a clear intent when appropriate, can bring great relief.

CO-CREATIVITY: It takes many different kinds of bricks to build a castle. Are you trying to do it all on your own, using only your own talents and abilities? Do not be afraid to reach out to others, ask for help and even delegate! Everyone has something unique and special to give! Working together for the achievement of a greater whole is a rewarding and hugely enriching experience. When approached in the right way, people can be far more willing to help than you think!

COMMITMENT: When we want something, the very first thing we need to do is commit to the part we need to play in bringing our desire to fruition. Be very conscious of what kind of commitment is required and if you are REALLY in a position to commit yourself. Also, be mindful of not asking others to commit to promises they cannot fulfil.

COMMUNICATION: The cornerstone of human co-existence is communication. Without it, we are doomed as a race. Communication happens in so many more ways than mere words, and we are either open to it or we are not. If you find it challenging to say what you feel, you need to say, write a letter or draw a picture of how you feel. Make a collection of songs that describe your thoughts and emotions, or find a book or card you can give as a gift. If your intention is to open up the lines of communication for the greater good of all, the universe will support you in more ways than you can imagine!

DETACH FROM OUTCOME: Often we are so focused on the way we want things to work out, that we miss all the lessons we are meant to learn along the way. This has the effect of our desired outcome eluding us time and time again, leading to feelings of frustration and indignation. When we detach from our idea of the outcome, and put our trust in divine guidance, things often work out in a far better and more ideal way than we could ever have imagined!

DEVELOP TALENT: Greater skill is required in the handling of this issue! You may have talents and skills that are lying dormant that could be of great use in these circumstances and you need to find ways of tapping and developing them. You may also need to call on the talents and abilities of others to help you cope. You yourself or someone you know may have a special talent for problem-solving, communication, lateral thinking, practical application or organizing that is needed here. Keep an open mind and do not be afraid to ask for help.

EMOTIONAL TOLERANCE: Are you getting irritated faster than you know is justifiable? Does frustration and tension build up inside you over the smallest things? Your emotional tolerance is running low and is impairing your ability to react to your situation in the appropriate way. Take time out, go outside and breathe fresh air, have a salt bath, go to bed early and re-evaluate things in the morning. Note: Our emotional tolerance runs low when we do not get enough sleep, nourishment and time to really relax. Long-term stress can result in a condition called “burn-out”, which literally means the burning out of the Heart Chakra. This can cause major damage to the whole system. Pace yourself with regular breaks during the day as well as outdoor exercise and enough sleep.

ENTHUSIASM: Often enthusiasm is the hidden ingredient that makes a project or relationship come together and work. A lack of enthusiasm can have the opposite effect of things just not getting off the ground or falling flat. Are you lacking in enthusiasm? Look at the other aspects of your spread and try to find out what is blocking you and draining your ability to be enthusiastic.

FOCUS: Your focused attention is needed in order to shift, heal or handle your situation appropriately. This could mean you have to be alert and pay extra attention to details surrounding the issue, or it means you need to formulate what needs to happen and repeat it whenever the issue comes to mind, blessing the outcome and praying that the highest and best shift happens for all involved. When you have done the best you can, hand over the issue to the Divine and take care not to start obsessing over it in a negative way.

GROUNDING: Have you been extra forgetful lately? Losing keys? Dizzy, slightly out of touch, unable to connect fully? You might be far more ungrounded than you think! Stand with your feet slightly apart and count down from 10 to 1 to “ground”, while imagining your consciousness entering through the top of your head and moving all the way down through the centre of your body into the earth. Now take a deep breath in and out and “feel” your body around you. When we are fully grounded, we are far more capable of picking up on vital information and acting on it in the appropriate way.

KEEP AN OPEN MIND: How many times have we already decided how things will turn out before they have even had a chance to happen? It is a form of self-protection to avoid disappointment by anticipating failure. Just remember constantly to keep an open mind on all possibilities. This way you keep the energy field around you accessible to all the great things the Universe has in store for you! Note: A good idea is to learn some life skills to help you through times when things do not go your way. If we know that we will be able to deal with disappointment when the time comes, we are not so afraid of it and therefore more open to positive possibilities.

LET GO & LET GOD: Whatever it is you are dealing with, it is bigger than you are and you have to give up your need to be the one who makes all the difference. Put the person or situation in a mental image of a “bubble of light” and hand them over to the Divine for intervention. Now you have to TRUST that they are getting everything they need and that you will be clearly shown what role you need to play in the balancing of the situation.

LISTEN TO INNER VOICE: We all have an innate sense of right and wrong, what is good for us and what isn’t. Some of us hear an actual voice with our inner ear, and others have a “sense” or a feeling of “open” or “closed” energy flow. Still others see a Cross or Tick with their mind’s eye. Whatever the case may be now is the time to pay very close attention to your inner voice. Ask for clarity and additional signs to support your intuitive sense if you are not entirely sure you are hearing correctly, and be open to what you might not want to hear. Only act or make a decision when you are 100% sure, you know what to do and that your decision is in integrity.

LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE: Are you feeling overwhelmed by your circumstances? Are you battling to see the truth and to distinguish right from wrong? Whatever the case may be, it is time to take a step back and get a broader, more objective view on what it is you are dealing with. Beware of getting lost in the details or caught up in the moment. Stand back and take your time when deciding on what to do next – do not make any rash decisions or rush into things. Allow the answers to come to you before making a move, and remember not to allow the little things to upset you. Objectivity is the key.

MONEY: Money is one of the greatest currencies for manifestation available to us, and if you have drawn this card, either you are called upon to put some money towards a worthy cause, or a negative financial situation is an issue right now. If the latter is true, you might consider the help of a professional to point out practical ways of money management. Money issues can also bring people together, so be conscious of defensiveness and make sure you allow help. If your charity is called upon, remember that what goes around comes around and you will be rewarded in ways you have never dreamed possible!

OBJECTIVITY: This card indicates that you need to take a few steps back and re-evaluate your response to an issue or person with whom you might be too closely associated. Are you taking things too personally? Are you taking personal responsibility for things that are really not for your account? Be conscious of standing back and re-evaluating your investment in terms of what you really can afford. How much time and energy is really feasible for you to spend? Be honest with yourself and constantly remind yourself to remain unbiased and objective.

PHYSICAL EXERCISE: Cardio-vascular exercise releases emotions from the muscles. The key for this process to happen is enjoyment.

POSITIVITY: Because thoughts create, it is enormously important to keep your mental attitude positive regarding the circumstances you are in and/or the person/people you are dealing with right now. You might be in a situation where things could go either way and the energy that you radiate could be what tips the scales. We do not always realise how powerful an influence our attitude towards our circumstances has on them. If this card has come up for you, then it is an indication that your positive attitude and input could make a huge difference at the moment, and it will be well worth your while to maintain and radiate as much positivity as you can!

RADIATE OPTIMISM: Optimism is the ability to anticipate good luck. It is a skill, which needs to be honed and practised until it is second nature. Every possible outcome of an event has a most positive as well as a most negative pole of manifestation. This means that the very best outcome is as possible as the very worst, and which one manifests in this case is almost entirely up to you! Expect the best possible outcome at all times, focusing on Divine Love & Benevolence, while committing your actions to benefit the greater good of all at all times.

RELEASE ENERGY OF NEED: The more we chase after something the more it eludes us. When we are afflicted by the energy of need, we are never satisfied, regardless of how much of something or someone we have. Firstly, practice a change in attitude from: “I need everything I can have” to “I have everything I need”, then allow feelings of abundance to enter your experience by focusing on the beauty in all that surrounds you. With time and practice, this focus on abundance and appreciation will turn into a sense of fulfilment and joy at even the smallest manifestation of Divine Love & Light.

RELEASE FEARS: Fearfulness is a negative and debilitating state to be in, and the more you feed it, the more powerful and destructive it becomes. Besides trying not to think about everything that can go wrong, you need to identify the root, cause of your fear, and take constructive steps to neutralise and balance your response. We cannot always control what happens to us, but we can choose how we react. There are various ways to release the past trauma that negative responses trigger in us and to develop healthy, balanced reactions to unfavourable circumstances: bodywork, workshops, prayer book and therapy are but a few.

RELEASE JUDGMENT & CRITICISM: Being judgmental towards an issue or person blocks our ability to access a divine solution that works to the benefit of all involved. Criticism is an extremely negative energy that eats away at the ethereal fabric of our energy fields like an acid; it is a highly destructive energy, both for the recipient and the user thereof. Try to find the deeper cause of your need to be critical. Are there deep, unhealed wounds in your psyche, made by a critical parent or authoritative figure in your youth? It is time to heal these wounds through energetic bodywork and constructive therapy. (It is also valuable to remember that things that bother us about other people are usually the unintegrated aspects of ourselves that we fail to see mirrored back to us. It is time to identify your issues and seek healing!)

REPAIR & UPGRADE SYSTEM: This card indicates that you are ready for some bodywork, for issues in your cell memory (that cause blockages in your energy flow) to be released. With the help of a skilled practitioner you will feel greatly relieved, cleansed and much more able to cope when your energetic system is repaired and upgraded. There are many modalities to choose from, and you have to find the modality and practitioner that you feel most comfortable with. Ask for, and allow Divine Guidance to guide you towards the kind of treatment you need right now: Bowen therapy, therapeutic massage and polarity therapy are but a few.

SURRENDER NEED FOR CONTROL: A need for control usually arises from an inability to handle something that scares us. What are you so afraid of? You need to remember that we can never control all the aspects of a person or issue that we are confronted with, but that we can control our reactions. Rather tune into Divine Flow by trying to sense and feel when the timing is right to broach a subject that is sensitive. Respect other people’s opinions and points of view, and go into the discussion with a divine and perfect outcome for all in mind.

SURRENDER WORRIES: Being worried about something increases negative energy that might already surround the issue or person. It is very important to place the situation or person you are worried about in a “bubble of silver light” so that they are protected from your “worry” energy while you work out why you are so worried, and look for what would balance your emotions. Ask for Divine Guidance in finding your answer and do not forget to hand the situation or person over into Divine Hands of Love & Light!

TAKE POWER BACK: This card indicates that you have somehow given your power away to a person, situation or issue, by allowing them/it to overwhelm and drain you in a negative way. Carefully examine the thoughts and feelings that come up for you regarding the issue at hand. Does thinking about it make you tired or disheartened? Does coming into contact with the person/issue drain you? You need to identify the level on which you are leaking life-force energy and find a way of healing the leak and taking your power back. Firstly, make a conscious decision not to take responsibility for someone else’s thoughts and feelings, and then hand them over to the loving care of the Divine. Lastly ask for healing for yourself on the specific issue at hand.

TAKE RESPONSIBILITY: The hardest thing about adverse circumstances is taking responsibility for our part in them. Often these circumstances come about in order to mirror back to us the unintegrated aspects of ourselves we just do not want to see. Be very careful when it comes to shifting blame. If you are presented with a situation you find difficult to face, you are being given a unique opportunity to shift and process an aspect of yourself you might not otherwise have access to. Sometimes it is worthwhile to stay in a challenging relationship for this very reason.

TIME FOR CHANGE: This card indicates that the old way of seeing or doing things simply cannot go on. An expiry date has been reached regarding a certain situation and renewal is on the cards! It could be time to change your opinion about the issue at hand, simply by starting to look at it differently. Maybe you have been going round in circles for quite some time now and Divine guidance is reminding you that it is time for a new direction, a new way of doing things, time to let bygones be bygones and to simply move on!

TRANSCEND ISSUES: Your inability to let go of the past is blocking the flow of energy into a more positive future for all. If you have tried to do this by yourself and failed, it may be time to seek professional help. Remember that bearing a grudge harms the bearer far more than the one it is borne against. Forgiveness and letting go of past hurts is much easier once we have learned a few tools that will enable us to handle conflict and potentially hurtful situations more effectively should they ever happen again. Even if you choose to associate with an unbalanced or hurtful person, it is still necessary to transcend the issues you might have with them and release them into the light. If you do not, you are open to attracting the same situation all over again.

TRANSFORMATION: This card indicates the need for a complete paradigm shift. It means that the balance of the energetic vibration carried by the event or issue needs to change around completely, usually from negative to positive. If this is indeed the case, you need to gather as much positive information about the issue as possible, write it down and repeat it to yourself as often as you can. If that proves difficult, you can make up your own universally true positive affirmations, for instance; “I place this person/issue within the loving care of the Divine”, “I think of him/her/it in Love & Light”, “I release my attachment to negative thought patterns about this person/issue and place them in a healing bubble filled with Divine Love & Light” etc.

TRUST: Although no-one expects you to put your faith and trust in people who you know might not be able to live up to your expectations, you are asked to trust in the Divine who has the best interests of all at heart at all times. When you put your trust in the Divine, you open up channels of energy for divine flow that enables the manifestation of the highest and best for all involved. Even people who are not particularly trustworthy can be facilitators of Divine Will, without intending it or realising that they are instrumental in bringing about Divine Outcome. (If you know that you have trust issues, this card is indicating that the time is right for you to find help in healing the trauma that might have caused these issues).

WAIT FOR PROOF: It is very important that you wait for proof of what you think the truth is before acting on assumptions. Often our own preconceived ideas can cloud our judgment to such an extent that we cannot see the reality of a situation and make an objective decision. Ask for Divine Guidance to guide your thoughts and insights and do not act until you are 100% sure that your actions are in integrity and will contribute to the highest and best outcome for all.

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