The Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect Transformational Consciousness Workshop

The Butterfly Effect Workshop takes us on an amazing journey of self-discovery.

Through its unique approach this workshop leads us to a place of deeper understanding of the things that drive us, as well as the things that hold us back from living at our full potential.

We learn more about ourselves through the step-by-step process of creating a “Body Map” highlighting how our subconscious blockages and beliefs play out in our bodies and how this impacts our health and wellbeing.

We explore our relationships: Through uncovering how the different characteristics of the people in our lives make us feel, as well as how we react in response, we are able to unravel some of the most perplexing and debilitating aspects of our relationships.

We open our minds to seeking the growth potential in every situation, rather than just “trying to get through it” when approached with a new challenge.

Tools are taught on how to build a new, healthy and constructive belief system that supports successful goal setting and accomplishment.

This is a hugely empowering experience where after participants feel ready for a new phase of creative manifestation, armed with a whole new set of tools to make their dreams come true!

To book, or for more information, contact

Yvette de Villiers on 082 868 5674
Cristina Krebs on 082 975 0406

I recently did “ The Butterfly Effect’ workshop with Yvette de Villiers and I can say with complete confidence that this is by far the most constructive and well designed course I have ever done.

I completed the Butterfly Effect Workshop… it significantly shifted me in many areas of my life. I loved the work, as it was practical and simple, no drama. The processes were easy to digest and had a very positive impact.

Loved the workshop – can’t wait for the next one… Am still reeling from how “stuff” was identified. Had the best day yesterday that I have had in years! Must also say that I think your Swiss co-facilitator (Cristina Krebs) must be a clairvoyant – she read me spot on, picked up on my issues and hopes etc… I was amazed!